About Us

We are a cabinet manufacturing unit based out of Saskatoon SK, with plans to expand our business in other parts of the country, watch-out for more details.

We conceptualize, design, build & install cabinet projects.

We provide cabinetry and woodworking solutions for Homes, Offices, Showrooms, Restaurants, Hotels/Motels, Day care, Care Homes, Hospitals, Clinics and Schools.

Check out our

range of home & commercial cabinets. A must have for pharmacies, clinics, restaurants, care homes and schools. Cabinet’s outside material and panel are made of certified anti-bacterial sheets, even the knobs and pulls are anti-bacterial.

We also undertake REMODELING projects and any type of repairs or maintenance work for cabinets or woodworking.

We assure you that our quality and design philosophy is one of the best in town and we can deliver your new Kitchen or any other Cabinets real fast.